Unarmed self defense, and firearms training for recreation or personal protection

Training Fees

Private Lessons are $30 for the first hour, and $15 for each additional hour.

Semi-private lessons (2-3 students) are $20 for the first hour, and $10 each additional hour.  Price is per student.

Group classes (4 or more) are $15 for the first hour, then $10 each addition hour.  Price is per student.

Personal Protection

Unarmed Self Defense

I can teach individuals and group classes on a range of subjects: 
-Basic personal safety and situational  awareness
-Defending against an attacker
-Advanced techniques and strategies for use against attackers armed with weapons, and surviving attacks from multiple opponents.
Contact me, and I can design a class or program specific to your needs.
Classes will be held in my finished basement.  I have set up a personal martial arts studio, with mats, a punching bag for practicing strikes and kicks, mirrors to help self correction, and  other training equipment.



                                     Close-in strikes                                                                                  Blocks and strikes to vulnerable areas