Unarmed self defense, and firearms training for recreation or personal protection


Firearms instruction and CCW In Prospect Heights

​We are here in the North Suburbs of Chicago, to impart our skills and knowledge to anyone who would like to become better prepared to protect themselves and their loved ones.  The interested student can learn and train in our Northbrook, IL studio/dojo or at our firearms classroom in Prospect Heights, IL and at various shooting ranges.

Our goal is to offer each student a chance to train in a wide variety of self defense-related subjects.  From unarmed self defense against any attack you can imagine, to tactical training for personal protection both in the home and outside on the streets - you can become proficient in protecting yourself and others.

Contact me:
For any questions, or to schedule or register for any classes,  please feel free to contact me:
Doug Crawford
Telephone:    (847) 728-8558
e-mail:  doug@defensetactics.training

For those students interested in gun safety, and learning to safely handle and shoot firearms, we offer NRA Basic Pistol Courses for recreation and personal protection.  Advanced students who

have completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course, or other firearms training may further their firearms training by taking one of these courses:

-NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home     (home defense)

-NRA Basic Personal Protection Outside The Home  (street defense)

-Illinois Concealed Carry License Course      This is the best concealed carry course

For those students who are interested in obtaining a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons Permit) we offer these courses:

The Illinois Concealed Carry License 16 hour Course                  

This course is for those citizens who have not had any formal firearms training.  Our course is approved by the IL State Police (ISP) to satisfy the training requirements for those who plan to apply for the IL Concealed Carry Firearms License.

The Illinois Concealed Carry License 8 hour Course                    

This course is for those students who have already taken an ISP approved 8 hour training course, such as the NRA Basic Pistol Course, or are US military veterans.  Topics for this course will include IL pistol laws, concealed carry tactics, and the required range qualification shooting.

The Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course

For those who want to travel while being armed, the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit is honored in 38 states, so taking this course may be for you!